Join our Open House Today

Join our Open House Today

Join us at Ayi Mensah Park for our Open House today, September 21st. There are only a limited number of homes left at Launch Prices! Experience our homes, meet our team and learn from the Bosch experts about the quality German appliances that come standard in an Ayi Mensah Park home. Walk through your future home, touch the appliances in your kitchen and enjoy the mountain views. We want you to love where you live.

Join us for a healthy start into the day at 6am with a fitness walk with Lexis Bill and Joselyn Dumas to explore the beautiful Aburi Mountains. At 10am we cut the ribbon and formally unveil our model homes and invite you to visit with us and take a tour. Come with friends and family to enjoy drinks and music, watch your kids have fun in the play area and ask a Bosch expert how to get the best results when preparing meals in the modern Bosch kitchen.

We are opposite the Ayi Mensah Park Police Station. You can find us on Google Maps and Uber.



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  • Michael
    September 21, 2017

    I want to come and have a look, is that possible?

    • IndigoHomes
      September 21, 2017

      Dear Michael, please join us. We are here at Ayi Mensah Park until the evening. There’s good food, music, drinks and activities for the kids. It’s also a chance to meet the experts from Bosch who can demonstrate the home appliances we carry as standard in our homes. If today is not ideal for you, leave us a note under “contact” and we arrange a separate visit.

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