Payment Plans

Payment Date/ Milestone Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 (Mortgage)
By June - July 2018 1st Payment: 50% 1st Payment: 30% 1st Payment: 20% 1st Payment: 15%
By Sept - Oct 2018 2nd Payment: 20% 2nd Payment: 15%
By Nov - Dec 2018 2nd Payment: 30% 3rd Payment: 20% Mortgage Facility Letter
Estimated Completion Date in 2019 Final 50% upon Delivery Final 40% upon Delivery Final 40% upon Delivery 70% Mortgage Disbursement

Payment may be in Ghana Cedi equivalent based on the prevailing Stanbic Bank (GH) USD selling rate at the time of payment

Pricing is subject to availability and may increase at any time

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